Thursday, December 22, 2011

New pH Miracle Water

Your body is 70 percent water.

Water composes 70 percent of muscle, 25 percent of fats, 75 percent of your brain, and over 80 percent of your blood.

Alkaline water regulates your body's temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, aids in digestion, transports nutrients within each cell, and dispels acidic wastes. Alkaline water can also help prevent kidney stones caused by the body chelating excess acid with calcium.

One study showed that women who drank more than five glasses of water a day had a 45 percent less risk of colon cancer, also a result of excess acidity in the lower bowel. Yet, another study showed a decreased chance of bladder cancer when more than 2.5 quarts of fluid were consumed daily.

Maintaining your level of hydration is very important to the overall health of your pancreas and your body as a whole. You should be drinking at least four liters of alkalized and energized water, or about one gallon per day, based on 70 kilos or 154 pounds.

pH Miracle Activated Micro-ionized Water

So, what is pH Miracle Activated alkalized and energized water? To answer this question we must first look at a brief history.

In the 1930s two men made major discoveries that we are only now beginning to understand and act upon. Read more...

Ayurtox for Body Detoxification

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