Sunday, December 05, 2010

How a New Universal Healing Aid Resolved a Chronic Yeast

by CJ Puotinen

Some medical problems are just as frustrating for physicians as they are for the patients they are trying to treat. One such problem is candidiasis, a systemic infection caused by Candida albicans, an organism that is classified as both a yeast and a fungus.

Candida occurs naturally and is normally held in check by beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

However, following treatment with antibiotics, which destroys beneficial as well as harmful bacteria, or when well fed (Candida yeast thrives on sugar and carbohydrates), Candida can take over.

An estimated 35 percent of women using birth control pills have chronic vaginal yeast infections. In men, jock itch and athletes foot are common Candida-related problems.

Children, especially those who have been on antibiotics, can develop thrush (a throat infection), allergies, and other problems. Even the family dog can develop chronic ear infections because of Candida. Read more...

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