Monday, May 09, 2011

Best protein foods for vegetarians

by Peter Sedesse

It is necessary to define the term vegetarian before beginning to talk about foods that are high in protein for a vegetarian diet plan. Vegetarian is a term used to describe a person that does not eat animals, while a vegan is someone who does not eat any food derived from animals. The difference between the two mainly involves dairy products and eggs, which a vegetarian diet includes, but a vegan diet disallows. Even among vegetarians, eggs are debatable, and some vegetarians who drink milk and eat cheese will avoid eggs. With both a vegetarian and vegan diet, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome for proper nutrition is how to get nutrients that are mainly derived from meat. Among these are proteins and iron. Below will be a list of foods that fit into a normal vegetarian diet, but contain more than average amounts of protein. While not listed, it is important to note that fruits and vegetables which make up the majority of a vegetarian diet all contain protein to lesser amounts. For an adult with average activity levels, 50 grams of protein per day is a suitable target. Read more...

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