Saturday, January 09, 2010

GHEE - Ayurveda's Elixir of Life

GHEE - Ayurveda's Elixir of Life!

In Ayurveda, cow's milk & Ghee (clarified butter) is believed to be the best for human consumption. It is full of nutritive qualities. Ayurveda considers it a Rasayana, a rejuvenating and longevity-promoting food. Ghee is traditionally made by heating butter until it becomes a golden liquid.

Two pounds of butter will make one quart of ghee. Put the butter (sweet and unsalted, use organic if available) in a heavy, medium-size pot, turn the heat to medium, and heat until the butter melts, taking care not to burn the butter.
Then turn down the heat, cook until the butter just boils, and continue to cook at this temperature. Do not cover the pot, as it is important to boil the water out and separate the solids. The butter will foam and sputter for a while and then begin to quiet down. Stir it occasionally with a stainless steel spatula, scraping the bottom of the pan.Read more...

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