Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is AyurCold?

According to Ayurveda, you will suffer from cold and flu more frequently and over prolonged periods when your bronchial tubes are impeded by waste matters or Kapha. AyurCold acts on Kapha and removes the causes of weakened immune response from the body. By promoting the metabolism of triterpenes to molecules similar to adrenal cortex hormones which reduce inflammation along with naturally occuring Solasodine and curcuminoids, AyurCold eases congestion and soothes the respiratory tract. Crystalline alkaloid Vasicine and organic adhatodic acid exercise an expectorating effect which cleanses your bronchial cavities. The combination of these effects opens the breathing channels and improves intake of oxygen thus energizing all body organs and the mind and combating headache and body pains. And hyperoside, isoquercitin, and rutin act to cool the body and ease fever. In addition, zingerone and zingiberene cleanse intestines and improve immunity to inhibit viral and bacterial growth. AyurCold works on all levels to offer relief from cold and flu symptoms, fight ongoing infection, and minimize sickness in the future. Read more

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