Monday, October 27, 2008

Hyperacidity is known in Ayurveda as Amla pitta

As its name suggests, the Pitta of the body becomes 'sour' and leads to trouble. Ginger can cure hyperacidity without the help of any other medication. It returns the Pitta to normal by regulating instead of depressing the production of stomach acid.

Abdominal distention deflates when confronted by ginger, especially when it is mixed with asafetida and rock salt. Trapped gases are evacuated with ease. Ginger is even useful in cases of piles. Unfortunately, Indians are so fond of spicy foods they often overuse ginger and as a result, produce piles. It seems paradoxical that a single substance can both cure and cause the same illness, but is merely a question of the amount consume. "Ati sarvatra varjayet" (always avoid excess) is the watchword of Ayurveda.

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