Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation: Good for Your Health, Good for Your Soul?

By Andrea Useem

Last week I snuck away from work for a few days, taking only one of my three sons with me, and spent a few heavenly days on the eastern tip of Long Island with my brother. Walking by myself on the beach, with a misty spray blowing off the surf, I asked myself: Why do beautiful moments like these feel so satisfying and so necessary in some way?

I needed a few moments like that because my work, as well as my family responsibilities, had begun to feel like constant chores, draining but never restoring me. I was reminded of what a friend once told me: “To breathe out, you must first breathe in.” Returning now to my hyper, child-filled life, I do feel better, fresher, more able to give freely of myself. Read More

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