Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Principles of Ayurvidic Aetio-pathology

Prof Madiraju V Subramanyam

The doshas are not simply the dynamic energy within the body; rather they are influencedby various external and internal factors. Knowledge of these factors is essential forbalancing the doshas. Each dosha undergoes three basic stages of development, namely(a) increase or accumulation (sanchaya) (b) aggravation or provocation (prakopa) and (c)decrease or alleviation (prashama). Though diseases are of many kinds and pathogens areof many varieties, all are products of disharmonies of the three biological humours, Vata,Pitta, and Kapha.

Diseases reflect the predominant dosha, which produces them. Whendisturbed the doshas undergo six stages (kriyakalas) of development.According to Ayurveda there are basically three types of diseases: a) endogenous(breakdown from within), b) exogenous (attack from without), and c) mental; any of whichcan subsequently lead to others. Ayurveda also teaches us that there is no single factor,which is wholly responsible for either health or disease; they are the result of the interactionof many factors.
This part provides an integrated approach to the understanding of disease, its causes,mechanisms, clinical features and diagnosis.
It will:
1. Discuss the factors, which produce a constitutional imbalance or roga.
2. Critically examine the role of mind and body in the process of disharmony ordisease.
3. Explain the causation of disease according to Ayurveda.
4. Discuss the concept of disease process according to Ayurveda and modernmedicine.
5. Describe diseases with reference to the differential diagnosis of commonsymptoms and causes.
6. Discuss the distribution of disease in the community, and contrast the approachto prevention according to Ayurveda and the modern point of view.In particular it will cover:
(a) Causespf disease (Ayurvedic and modern concepts)
(b) Nidana Pancaka
(c) Nidana
(d) Dosha Samya and Vaisamya
(e) Agni Samya and Vaisamya
(f) Dhatu Samya and Vaisamya
(g) Ojas Samya and Vaisamya
(h) Kriyakala
(i) Samprapti
(j) Roga
(k) Arista laksana
(l) Upasaya and Anupasaya
(m) Vikalpa Samprapti


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