Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Prof Madiraju V Subramanyam

According to Ayurveda the AIDS disease may be correlated with `Kshaya` or `Ojakshaya` meaning loss of energy. The Symptoms and causative factors and treatment for the latter are found mentioned in many ancient Ayurvedic tests like, Charaka Samhitha, Bhavaprakasha,Vaidyachintamani and Chakradatta etc., Shosha is another condition, which results from loss of energy that is similar to AIDS.

The disease is caused by the dominant kapha dosha along with the other doshas tends to block the path for the flow of rasadi dhatus in their respective locations thus resulting in the deterioration of saptha dhatu Rasa(plasma), Rakta (blood cells), Mansa ( muscular tissue), Meda (adipose tissue), Asthi (bony tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and the Shukra (reproductive tissue). thus resulting into the disease. The major symptoms are: loss of appetite, drastic loss of weight-emaciation fatigue and lethargy susceptibility to allergies and contagious diseases skin irritations bronchial disorders, often leading to tuberculosis of the lungs damage to intestinal flora resulting in diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis and wide fluctuations in body temperature. prolonged fever sleeplessness etc.

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