Monday, December 05, 2005

Ayurveda gets acceptance all over the world: Governor

Malayala Manorama - India
Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Governor R L Bhatia on Sunday said the ''Green Medicine'' approach was getting more acceptances among the people all over the world because of the recent studies which proved that polyherbal formulations having different biological compounds were safer than synthetic medicines.

Inaugurating the fifth National Congress on Medicinal Plants here, he said the synergic action of polyherbal formulations of Ayurveda, minimises and protects from harmful side-effects of synthetically derived compounds, was the main reason for the revival of interest in holistic health care approach based on herbal drugs.

Stating that the preventive, corrective and curative approach was the strength of Ayurveda, he said the foreign invasion followed by colonisation during the 18th century had arrested the development of Indian systems of medicine, as it failed to imbibe the fast development in other branches of science. Bhatia said it also faced problems in evaluating the functioning of the system on scientific basis. But attempts to evaluate and standardise the traditional medicines with concept and parameters of modern medicines was conceptually wrong and unethical.

Evaluation of traditional medicines had to be based on theoretical and conceptual foundation of the Indian system of medicine, but may utilise the advancement in scientific knowledge and tools, he added.Stating that the global herbal drug trade runs in to billions of dollars and projected to reach $5 trillon by 2050, the Governor said India with her long tradition in the use of herbal drugs would have been a major beneficiary in the global drug market. Suggesting that India with her vast biological resources, trained manpower and technological capabilities should capture the opportunity, he pointed out that technically advanced countries like Germany, France and Japan were exporting billions of dollars worth herbal produce, which were scientifically validated.

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